Exploring Riverview Hayfields Preserve

GRLT_hayfields_052113_05834_low tide stubbleThere appeared to be a break in the weather so we headed to Hayfields. The land rolls gently to the river and we followed the tree line along the south side of the property to give the Bobolinks and Savannah sparrows space. Along the way I noticed the growth burst of new vegetation pushing mats of last years dried grasses up into bubbles of inverted baskets.
The outgoing tide revealed a stubble of new growth of (what I think is) Spartina alterniflora. The exposed patterns were a visual treat, like dancers across a giant stage.
Red Osier grows along the edges of the field, the rich color of last years growth still vibrant, and the new stunning.
Before too long, another band of showers came and we became one with the watershed.

GRLT_052113_Hayfields Red Osier_05796


T2i_GRLT_052213_EPB_0581_grasses at pondGRLT_hayfields_052113_05803_Hawthorn

EPB 052313_0971_drawing hayfields MarshGRLT_hayfields_052113_05849 marsh grasses

EPB w red osierred o on black

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