GRLT_iPhone_102713_White Oak Pond_IMG_5420We arrived around mid-October, and to the saddened to hear the news that our new friend Bob Rheault had died. He was a gem, and we feel so fortunate we knew him, even for a short time. Here’s a short clip titled, “On Courage”” captured during a video interview in June.


GRLT_M8_101813_Gibson-N_31289_alder tree-river    The River

GRLT_M8_102113_Gibson_31519_wim swirls_   Water in Motion

GRLT_M8_101813_Pitman_31400_blueberry leaves-backlight   Blueberry Fields

GRLT_M8_102413_Hayfields_32343_spartina-waves   Hayfields Preserve

GRLT_M8_102413_Eagles Way_32248_branches-marsh   Eagles Way Preserve


Roaring Spout


Trolley Marsh Preserve



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