Water in Motion

This theme has been in my oeuvre for many years, and one that is always providing new ways of seeing.
This group has images from:

-Appleton Preserve


GRLT_M8_102113_Gibson_31519_wim swirls_

GRLT_M8_102113_Gibson_31514_wim swirls_

GRLT_M8_102113_Gibson_31513_wim swirls_
-Salt Pond, Tenants Harbor


-Georges River at the West Appleton Rd bridge, Searsmont

GRLT_M8_102313_W-Appleton Rd bridge_32152-wim falls GRLT_M8_102313_W-Appleton Rd bridge_32146-wim falls

GRLT_M8_102313_W-Appleton Rd bridge_32143-wim falls
-Hayfields Preserve