Tommy’s Island

It was a treat to spend an afternoon on the water with our friend Bruce Hammatt. We made the trip to Tommy’s Island in kayaks to see this 1 acre gem.

Tom Is_GRLT_web_062513_TX10_Tom's Island_6155-6157


Tom Is_GRLT_web_062513_T2i_Tommy's Is pano_2643-54-s end fisheye look

Tom Is_GRLT_web_062513_T2i_Tom Is_2642_s end seaweed

Tom Is_GRLT_web_062513_T2i_Tommy's Is pano_2586-2601_nearly 360 degree Tom Is_GRLT_web_062513_T2i_Tom Is_2552_skinny leaved plant

Tom Is_GRLT_web_062513_TX10_Tom's Island_DSC06211_Bruce kayak


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